IBM DataPower Gateway

IBM DataPower Gateway helps to meet the needs of a digital business in a single multiple-channel gateway. IBM DataPower Gateway provides security, integration, control and optimized access. It provides this to a full range of web, API, mobile, SOA, cloud and B2B workloads.

 It helps to simplify IT infrastructure while reducing costs through an easy-to-deploy, DMZ-ready gateway appliance.  It also acts as the API gateway for IBM API Connect. It is available in physical, virtual, cloud, Linux and Docker form factors.

IBM DataPower Gateway appliance enables organizations to extend their core enterprise applications to customers, partners and suppliers. IBM DataPower Gateway is the first point of access for data moving in and out of your enterprise.

High-speed transformation

IBM DataPower Gateways provide native support for various message formats, which helps your team to easily support new mobile devices, social networking, cloud computing and software-as-a service (SaaS) applications.

Cost-effective change now possible

IBM DataPower Gateways help you minimize the costly IT problems related with connectivity, integration, security and mobility.
The IBM DataPower Gateway enables enterprises to integrate security and governance functions in a single “drop-in” gateway that reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

Data Power security help lessen risks in enterprise

The IBM DataPower Gateway provides the higher levels of security-assurance certification that are required by such enterprises such as financial services and government agencies.

Robust platform for new service

IBM DataPower Gateways can help you make the most of your existing infrastructure investments and provide a robust platform for new service delivery while helping reduce operational costs.

DataPower helps with the following benefits:

• DataPower give security to access web applications, ensuring safe & efficient flow of confidential customer data.

 • It has Implemented WebSphere DataPower to form the strong web services backbone which helps in seamlessly flow of information.

• With content-based routing, the security policies are enforced combined with data encryption.


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