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In today’s wealth of big data, the need for more complex and evidence based decision machine is required. The answer to this is IBM’s Watson. IBM’s Watson is at the forefront of New era cognitive computing. For any professional, cognitive computing enables to create value to the information generated that is  locked away in volumes of data.   This process serves to enhance human expertise.  IBM’s Watson can do this at massive speed and scale.

The usual database can understand structured data while IBM’s Watson can interpret and analyze unstructured data with cognitive exploration, powerful text analytics and machine learning.IBM Watson harness AI capabilities such that it can solve a range of practical enterprise problem.

IBM Watson works on a simple concept that is creating simplicity from complexity.  When it comes to text, IBM’s Watson does not look for keywords like Search engines, but it understands the context and the real intent behind users speech. It can be used to uncover new possibilities in data and make better evidence based decisions.  IBM’s Watson processes information, draws conclusions, and learns from its experiences. 

IBM Watson Turn insights into Inspiration.  Combining traditional analytics with cognitive computing, you get value to your data.   IBM’s Watson is a smart R&D tool turning it into most advanced cloud-native insight engine.

IBM's Watson platform enables

  • Hybrid cloud connectors for information access.
  • Advanced multi-media content analytics to aggregate and visualize unstructured content to reveal hidden insights and patterns.
  • Powerful indexing and natural language search.
  • Integration of cognitive results into analytics applications.
  • App Builder framework for creating custom cognitive applications.

The core IBM Watson offerings are

Watson Explorer Platform

 It is the core expandable cognitive indexing and natural language search framework.

Watson Developer Cloud

It is a collection of Watson REST APIs that can be used in apps.

Watson Industry Solutions

 IoT, Marketing, Supply Chain, Health, Education, Financial Services, Regulatory Compliance, Surveillance, Banking, Insurance and many more.


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