Unified Commerce

Unlocking the combined power of ERP, e-commerce and predictive analytics

The Combined Power of ERP, E-Commerce & Predictive Analytics UnleashedPredictive Analytics Unleashed

Integrated & Combined Commerce

Techvista has been in the forefront tending to established international brands as their technology partner during its two decade journey; thereby gaining precious domain specific knowledge and skill in a wider gamut of industries. Techvista’s expertise touches almost all industries from fashion retailer to consumer packaged goods making a difference.  Over the years, we have successfully designed classy and chic deployment concepts that unify complete business information in a single data store, by implementing various information systems for businesses that pave the way to implement cross-channel order fulfillment. It offers your customers a consistent brand experience.

CommerceLink: A smart connector for Rapid Omni-channel integration

Techvista offers a pre-built ready to use intelligent integration tool in addition to implementing, a basic and common commerce using single information platform.  This is advantageous to your existing ERP and E-commerce investments in order to reap the omnichannel competencies.  Your ERP and E-Commerce platforms are in sync in real time; thanks to the commerce link which enables you to execute comprehensive reporting and a progressive analysis on a single unified view of your entire multi-brand enterprise. A major advantage of this process is that you can continue using your ERP and E-Commerce technologies of your choice even without keeping each system’s business data locked away in different information storage facilities.


Your unified commerce movement gets abridged due to commerceLink for Magento whereby real results are swiftly achieved. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Omni-channel process goes active and live with CommerceLink for Salesforce Commerce Cloud even without necessitating replacing your ERP or E-Commerce infrastructure completely. 

Core Features

Focusing on customers’ experience, our style of presentation for a unified commerce implementation bring out solutions that are not only high in performance but also responsive.

Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)

You have the choice and provision to receive reports and critical insights in advance about trending sales.  In addition, it gives a comprehensive real-time knowledge of every aspect of business operations besides purchasing preferences of regions and stores.

Supply chain & logistics

Supply chain hassles and pitfalls can be avoided. Keep a real-time tracking of inventory levels across the company in addition to maximizing customer satisfaction by making available the desired products.

Contact center

Even while providing support for the cross-channel fulfillment of demands of customers, a common inventory and data store for your company’s transactions makes it easy for processing order entry etc.


Simply the fully integrated search capabilities keep customers engaged and real-time personalization plays important role in driving traffic to your online store locations.

Point of sale (POS)

A thorough study of every customer’s buying pattern history generates significant and pertinent recommendations in order to raise the brand loyalty.

Salesforce Automation

Invaluable customer insights crucial for business are produced by CRM automation encouraging sales growth by comprehending the overall sales prospects.

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