Bill Payment Solution

Expand your convenience to walk-in customers in more ways

A fully customized web application that caters to payment channels and methods using Microsoft BizTalk or IBM Integration Bus as a middleware flow for service execution. Based on configuration of SQL/Oracle Database for using/consuming partner services, it configures API flows and screen details, adds new partners, and generates web UI.


Pay for your utilities and other bills over the counter at your local Convenience Retailer – just take a copy of your bill along with you.

  • Ability to configure new retail partner services (SOAP/JSON).
  • Ability to configure service flows and screens.
  • Auto-generation of HTML UI for service consumption on POS.
  • Auto-configuration of service items on POS.
  • Integration with ERP for posting sales and commission.


Unlimited partners, Unlimited possibilities

Flexible platform designed for convenience retailers to accept payments on behalf of their partners


  • Earn commission on every transaction

Manage your customer’s requirements by adding value to your customers and start earning commissions on every transaction.

  • Increase sales with additional store traffic

Generate new customers, increase repeat customer footfalls by providing fast and efficient alternative which reduces your billing and collection costs.

  • Reliable in-person payment experience 

We support a flexible range of in-person payment services that will enable you to perform immediate, real-time payment authorization at the point of sale. 

  • Build customer loyalty

Convenient and simple ways to pay- here is a solution that matches specific business needs and builds customer loyalty.

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