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Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers its customers a high-performance ERP solution that benefits from the work-from-anywhere freedom, scalability, and low operating costs of the cloud. Its familiar and easy-to-use interface reduces training requirements and improves adoption rates. In order to further improve our Dynamics 365 clients’ productivity and user experience, Techvista Systems has developed a range of modules for Dynamics 365 that address various industries’ unique operational challenges.

Techvista’s ERP solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide a streamlined and functionally optimized collection of features and workflows that simplifies most day-to-day business operations. These modules help organizations improve their global competitive capabilities, lower operational costs, increase productivity, and drive innovation in industry verticals as diverse as services, construction, and manufacturing. Real-time information on finances, operations, and customers allow businesses to respond to challenges with agility and confidence, lower production costs, build customer loyalty, adapt to fluctuations in demand, and shorten time to market.


Accelerate production and improve sales with real-time operational insights

Techvista’s manufacturing solution for Dynamics 365 simplifies management of your production and supply chain information, and uses real-time data to greatly improve the responsiveness of your day-to-day operations.

  • Cross-departmental coordination: By instantly sharing information across your organization, our manufacturing module eliminates departmental information silos, improves collaboration and knowledge sharing, spurs innovation, and ensures that your team is referencing a single version of the truth regarding your products, services, and ongoing projects.
  • Sourcing, substitutions, and vendor management: Advanced management tools make it easy to keep track of bills of materials, parts, and suppliers.
  • Change approval workflows: Quickly submit and approve requests for changes to product designs, with support for multi-stage, multi-approver workflows.
  • Product scheduling, rollout, and lifecycle management: Ensure that each phase of product development, manufacture, and launch are coordinated efficiently, and that all stakeholders have their view of the product lifecycle optimized to best serve their project roles.


Manage contractors, equipment, and projects to generate business growth

Techvista’s Construction solution for Dynamics 365 give construction companies and contractors in other industries the tools they require to satisfy the unique challenges they face. By providing functionality that simplifies personnel scheduling, equipment management, and building code compliance, our construction module enhances Dynamics 365 to bring you a unified view that covers every aspect of your business operations.

  • Construction Specific Project Accounting: Design your Bill of Quantity and Work Breakdown Structure as per the specific requirements of Construction industry, estimating and controlling each milestone progress at the square meter level. Accordingly, handle your receivables and payables based on actual work done.
  • Equipment Management: Keep track of the transportation and usage of owned and third-party machinery, as well as accessories and parts for all equipment. Track fuel consumption, service requests, scheduling, and invoicing.
  • Payroll and Scheduling: Ensure that your payroll staff, general contractors, and specialty contractors are scheduled and paid correctly, with support for overtime, bonuses, hazard pay, and other special considerations.
  • Multi-business support: Whether your construction enterprise operates as a single entity or multiple companies, your business data can be viewed at multiple levels of detail.
  • Inspections and Regulatory Compliance: Use Techvista Construction for Dynamics 365 to confirm that each building project complies with municipal, regional, and federal rules and regulations. Schedule and keep detailed records on building inspections, and generate repair quotes directly from inspectors’ recommendations.


Maximize workforce availability and manage projects efficiently

Techvista Systems’ Services Management module for Dynamics 365, businesses can manage their talent pool with ease and ensure that each of their clients is paired with personnel that best match their requirements. Whether your workforce is freelance, contracted, or on payroll, our module for service-oriented organizations provides a complete range of tools to make talent management effortless and efficient.

  • Scheduling and timekeeping: 24-hour timesheets, leave management, and shift tracking capabilities address scheduling challenges and improve staff availability.
  • Service level agreements: Quickly and easily select service plans from a list of standard templates, and then customize them to each client’s unique requirements. Modify a client’s plan at any time during their billing cycle.
  • Fixed and recurring jobs: In case of ongoing commitments, schedule a worker for multiple engagements with a client.
  • Quotes and Estimates: Generate estimates and quotes using simple tools that step through a series of questions.
  • Advanced Project Management: Pick a team, plan each project phase, set budgets and deadlines, monitor progress, and generate detailed reports.

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