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Event Management Solution is a specialized event-focused solution that brings automation and task-tracking benefits to the event planning and execution process. The solution enables organizations to envision an event, run initial planning and approval tasks, maintain a participant database, send invitations, run through the entire process to confirm participation, and assign event execution tasks to various teams. Event Management System also comes with extensive reports and dashboards, which gives a high-level overview of event activities and updates to leadership.

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Event Management Solution is an amalgamation of Techvista Systems’ expertise in event management and the inherent features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which enables organizations to maintain a 360-degree participant profile, assign and track tasks related to event execution, provide a simple and intuitive interface for collaboration and task management for all functioning teams and users, and provide powerful and detailed panoramic reports and dashboards to management. The solution is capable of sending emails and SMS-based notifications and alerts about event management process and activities to various internal and external stakeholders.

Key Features Events

Techvista System’s event management solution provides you the ability to manage:

Participant Profile

Provides a holistic, 360-degree view of event participants. It includes contact-specific details such as name, organization, email address, phone number, etc., and connects core participant entities with all of their interactions in any front office operation area. It also recognizes both individual and corporate accounts as contact and account respectively. Hierarchies and inter-relationships between accounts and contacts are also supported.

Venue Management

Enables customer organizations to maintain lists of venues, venue details, contact points for venue booking venues, rooms, and halls, details of venues, etc. Maintaining comprehensive venue data in the system allows event planning teams to consider venue options, link available venues with planned sessions, send venue booking emails, and update the status of venues from a single screen in the EMS.

Process Control & Workflows

Design and run any business process with point-and-click simplicity using workflows. Flexible processes are used for approving participants, and for sending email notifications to various team members. Users can create email alerts to auto-assign tasks as a participant moves through different stages, and more.

Event Profile

Maintains event-specific details like proposed dates, actual dates, budgets, expenses, and associated participants on the event entity. Events have multiple statuses based on the specific needs of customer organizations. Generic event statuses maintained within the systems are “Proposed”, “Planned”, “In Progress”, and “Canceled”.

Agenda Management

Features powerful agenda management capabilities that enable the event planning team to plan events, sessions, and tracks. Tracks are then assigned to one or more speakers. The entire event calendar is then displayed, and sessions are scheduled using drag-and-drop.

Reports & Dashboards

Provides separate dashboards that contain relevant tasks for each team. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides easily configurable reporting functionality that helps administrators build simple and meaningful reports for higher management.

Event Invitation

Event invitation links store the responses of participants invited via email. They also contain a link to the event page with an agenda outline.

Event Registration

Event registrations are sent to participants who have been verified by the customer organization’s internal team. 

Security & Access Control

Built around a robust and flexible security architecture, these features provide you with a fine degree of control over your users, network, and data.


Fully featured event management solution include-

  • 360° view of events and participants.
  • End-to-end automation of event planning, execution and management.
  • Unified one-stop shop to manage all operations.
  • Provides leadership with a consolidated view of event activities.
  • Tracks all communication on various participants.

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