Unified ERP for CPG

Intelligent buyer recommendations and optimal inventory management to promote sales growth and brand loyalty

To maintain success as a CPG business, it is essential to offer competitively priced goods and maintain the highest possible level of customer service. With so many vendors, supply chain components, and regulatory requirements to manage, well-designed information technology can spell the difference between struggling and sprinting. Techvista Systems has developed ERP solutions that customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 to align with the unique business requirements of CPG companies. From SCM to customer personal management, every aspect of your business operations benefits from real-time information and detailed dashboards and reports.


The reality of business operations for many CPG distributors

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps distributors:

Correctly assess product demand

  • Track inventory in real-time
  • Use forward-looking analytics to plan for demand
  • Access critical data anywhere, on any device, from the cloud
  • Improve vendor management via integrated web portals

Manage inventory and control costs

  • Automate your order stream
  • Implement a ‘zero-inventory’ supply chain
  • Streamline your supplier processes
  • Visually track and trace all assets

Coordinate and execute plans with improved agility

  • Get a unified, end-to-end view of your business
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Optimize core business processes
  • Receive status alerts triggered by key events and metrics

Improve customer service to drive sales growth

  • Improve pre-sales efficiency with integrated CRM
  • Optimize customer interactions with real-time personalization
  • Proactively plan for customer demand
  • Understand consumer trends with BI dashboards


Optimize CPG operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Built on the high-performance foundation provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Techvista’s ERP solution for CPG is quick to deploy and easy to manage. Its familiar and intuitive user interface provides seamless access to all levels of critical business information, from granular, SKU-level details to high-level executive summaries. This end-to-end, integrated system offers real-time information that boosts operational efficiency and ensures true synchronization across the entire value chain. These features give you a real competitive edge at amazing value – thanks to its cloud-based design, our unified ERP solution for CPG scales up easily, and improves margins with its low ownership and maintenance costs.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you prepare for business growth

Techvista’s unified ERP for CPG runs on the cloud, offering excellent ROI to CPG businesses of any scale. Without any specialized on-premises hardware or software requirements, our solution performs well on your existing technology infrastructure, and eliminates the need for a costly rip-and-replace. It has been designed for rapid, out-of-the-box integration, which lowers total cost of ownership, minimizes risk, and reduces the need for specialized IT knowledge. These characteristics make Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Techvista Unified ERP for CPG a powerful, industry-focused business management platform for today’s consumer goods companies.

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