TechVista Systems has helped businesses gain market dominance by using leading-edge technologies to eliminate unnecessary costs and delays from their day-to-day operations. Business process automation (BPA) replaces expensive, error-prone manual effort with fast, reliable, consistent, and cost-effective alternatives by leveraging information technology to perform more work using less time and fewer material resources.

EFFICIENT AND CONSISTENTScale up production. Process more cases.
Close more sales.

Through detailed analysis of your existing operational patterns, TechVista’s process consultants identify procedural inefficiencies that are negatively impacting your bottom line, and then provide recommendations that apply high-ROI automation technologies to alleviate these challenges and institute optimized processes that enable long-term profitability.

Less manual intervention and fewer steps are required to complete most tasks when paper records and physical document delivery is replaced with electronic information capture, recordkeeping, and transmission. Many kinds of assessment and evaluation can be performed using sets of rules, machine learning, or both, helping businesses process more cases or complete more projects, as well as avoid the individual biases of human agents. Various kinds of sensors and other Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can be used to monitor changes in the physical environment and track them over time with superhuman precision. These are just a few examples of the transformative power of TechVista’s BPA services.

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BENEFITSMaximize productivity, minimize error, slash wait times, and keep customers happy

Whether you wish to simplify invoice processing or speed up employee onboarding, TechVista uses its wealth of industry experience to streamline the way you do business. Here is a small sample of the range of benefits associated with process automation:

  • Use automatic tools to replace repetitive manual processes like data entry, transcription, and transmission, resulting in lower operating costs and higher employee satisfaction.
  • Scale up critical business processes like payment processing, order fulfilment, and document management by a factor of hundreds or even thousands.
  • Ensure that every customer, product, case, or document is processed consistently and without accidental or deliberate human bias.
  • Perform multiple concurrent processes on the same item. For example, documents can be captured, processed, shared, and backed up virtually simultaneously.
  • Eliminate delays through a combination of automation and self-service options to improve customer satisfaction. Customer, employee, and vendor portals distribute process workload, improve process visibility, and empower process stakeholders.
  • Avoid lost opportunities and embarrassing oversights by replacing manual follow-ups with automatic notifications and reminders.
  • Receive detailed, auto-generated reports on all automated processes, and track changes in productivity levels over time.
  • Replace end-of-day, end-of-week, and similar interval-based procedures with real-time processing and monitoring to minimize time to market.
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