Message Hub

IBM Message Hub is a high-throughput and scalable message bus.  It provides a low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds.

Message Hub based on Apache Kafka, an open-source system to create a hybrid cloud messaging solution. It is fast, scalable and fully managed messaging service based on Apache Kafka. It connects stream data to analytics to get powerful insights in an application.  IBM Message Hub enables applications and services to communicate easily and reliably. It is used to build high-performance scalable streaming analytics solutions.

IBM Message Hub has a wide compatibility via three APIs that are native Kafka interface for Kafka clients, the MQ Light API for MQ Light clients, and a REST API. It tightly integrates with the Blue mix platform.

IBM Message Hub is developed using a continuous delivery process and a micorservice architecture.

Using Message Hub, you can complete the following tasks:

  • You can pass on work to back-end processes.
  • You get to connect stream data to analytics to get powerful insights.
  • You get to feed data to multiple applications to respond in real time.
  • You can transfer data into another service such for storage.

Message Hub enables you to

  • Adapt to change and the way you react to changing trends as they occur.
  • You can use data in your way in real time and batch analytics on the same data.
  • It gives protection for your valuable data acting as a buffer between your data and the analytics engine.

Message Hub also supports bridges to a selection of other systems.

A bridge can take messages from the other system and publish them onto a topic, or consume messages from a topic and send them to the other system. In this way, you can use Message Hub to integrate with other systems without writing code.


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